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Prayer #8—Calming Answers

Be anxious for nothing, but by thankful prayer and supplication in everything, let God know your requests. Then the peace of God, which exceeds what human cunning can create, will keep your hearts and thoughts in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:6–7

The prospect of answered prayer provides more peace to our anxious, apprehensive hearts than relying on our own power, prudence or proficiency ever could. As powerful as we might be, we can never be sure we exerted enough effort to guarantee a secure and satisfying future. As prudent as we might be, we can never be sure we recognized and considered every contingency sufficiently. As proficient as we might be, we cannot always be sure we did everything with exacting correctness. So if we don’t pray, our anxiety will remain. Since God is absolutely powerful, prudent, and proficient, we can anticipate that his answer to our call for help in any situation will give us the confident certainty we need to banish anxiety. Answered prayer is how God keeps us assured of the eternal joy secured in Jesus, because Jesus is the way we gain access to the Father. If he did not spare his son, how will he not freely give us who follow him exactly what we need? He loves the name the Son earned. He honors the Son by granting the petitions we make with reference to what he did for us on the cross. Then we become more convinced of how worthy Jesus is of our absolute and exclusive trust and commitment.

Thank you, Father, for the encouraging promise of answered prayer. Never let me forget how eager you are to rid me of my self-centered fear and fill me with the joy of worship.


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