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Team #7—Able to Admonish

I myself have become persuaded about you, my brothers and sisters, that you are full of goodness, in that you have been filled with all knowledge so you are able to admonish one another. Romans 15:14

Imagine that! We who follow Jesus in the obedience of faith are full of goodness. Not just any goodness, mind you, but a special goodness designed to be shared among us in our fellowship. We have the good news. We are full of the information that generates hope and faith and love. We know that Jesus died, rose again, and lives to make intercession for us before the Father. We know that all the promises of God are “Yes!” in him, so that our “Amen!” will be to the glory of God. We know that he has taken away our self-centeredness and given us hearts that so delight in the grace of God that we eagerly look for ways to experience the joy of extending it to others. We have all this good information, but all of us don’t always live hopefully or faithfully or lovingly. Sometimes some of us need to be admonished. We need to be reminded of what we know, so we will live with integrity, so the world around us will see Christ through us. Therefore, because of our knowledge, we have the ability, the privilege, and the responsibility to counsel each other when the need arises.

Heavenly Father, source of goodness and author of good news, grant me the wisdom to know when to use and apply my knowledge where it’s needed, and the courage to speak graciously so I bring out the goodness you’ve poured in. Amen.


One thought on “Team #7—Able to Admonish

  1. Excellent, Doug. Thanks.

    Posted by ted & linda pampeyan | 13 August 2019, 17:44

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