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Servants #7—Resourced Servants

I am well supplied because I received what you sent through Epaphroditus … and, according to his riches in glory, my God shall supply all your needs in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:18–19

Successful service requires resources. For us to serve in God’s name, we need his supplies. God’s supply chain works this way: God uses his infinite power to make himself as glorious as his infinite wisdom indicates is right. This infinitely deep ocean of glory motivates a gracious and creative generosity. God so strongly desires people to experience and enjoy his glory, that he works through Jesus to overcome any obstacles that stand in the way of fulfilling this desire. Because of this, those of us who follow Jesus need never fear that God won’t have just the right resource available for our service. God’s purpose is to make the riches of his glory known and appreciated. So no matter what we need to serve someone well, God has what we need to give away, and he’s eager to see that we get it. His bag of supplies is not limited to a few generic items. He has exactly the right size, exactly the right color, in exactly the right quantity. As he supplies us in our service to others, our joyful confidence in him will grow, and our service will produce an even greater effect: much thanksgiving to God.

Glorious Lord, open my eyes to the needs of your people, so I know what to ask and what to expect from you as you meet their needs through me. Amen.


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