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Peace #4—Wise Peace

Wisdom’s ways are very pleasant, and peace characterizes all its paths. Proverbs 3:17

No panic. No damage. No regrets. Especially no regrets. No regrets along the way; no regrets at journey’s end. Whatever way godly wisdom takes us, we’ll be glad we went that way. We are wise when we align ourselves with God’s purpose to extend his goodness into our community. Living this way will make us people who are modest, merciful and single-minded. Because we are confident of God’s provision, we avoid the pain of jealousy and the provocation of self-centered ambition. So all our activity is pleasant, both for us and for those with whom we engage. Wisdom promotes peaceful outcomes as well as pleasant processes. Wisdom produces joy because wisdom produces peaceful results which will leave us satisfied forever. We can judge whether or not we have acted wisely by the amount of regret generated. If we leave turmoil and trouble in our wake, we have not been wise. If disunity and dysfunction characterize our achievements we have not exercised godly wisdom. Wise living results in the peaceful fruit of righteousness. In a million years we will never regret following the God’s guidance along the paths of righteousness; for they lead to “green pastures” and “quiet waters.” Walking in the way of “gracious kindness and faithfulness” will bring “healing to our body and refreshment to our souls.”

O Lord, I stand today, considering my way, and ask for the ancient paths, where your good way is, so I might walk in it and find rest for my soul.


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