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Peace #3—Meek Peace

Refrain from anger; abandon rage! Do not fret for this only leads to trouble! … The meek who rely on Yahweh are the ones who will possess the land and enjoy abundant peace. Psalm 37:8–11

Moses was a model of meekness; the meekest person in the land, someone said. To achieve this status he had to learn that “human anger does not produce the righteousness God desires.” In his youth he was so angry over the injustice of slavery, he killed a man. Therefore, he spent forty years in the wilderness herding sheep. As the shepherd of Israel in the wilderness, he was so angry over the injustice of Israel’s insolence, he publically insulted God’s holiness. Therefore, he died in the wilderness instead of entering the Promised Land. In between he learned how to respond to injustice without taking matters into his own hands. So when he met with Jesus at the transfiguration, he was able to counsel the Christ. He warned him against becoming so angry over Israel’s rejection of his offer of reconciliation with God, that he would assert himself and abandon God’s planned solution. Jesus heeded his counsel. So when he gathered the disciples right before his crucifixion, he blessed them with his peace, counseling them not to fear that justice would not be upheld. By denying ourselves in this way, we can experience abundant peace as we extend the gospel into a world that would otherwise draw out trouble inducing anger and rage.

Following your example, O Lord, instead of making threats, may I keep trusting in the One who judges righteously.


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