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Praised By God #1—Glorified for Good

Scripture contains many reminders that it is right and wise to praise God. But Scripture also contains promises that we can expect praise from God. As every good father longs for his children to succeed, and eagerly anticipates affirming them when they do; so our heavenly Father encourages us to live in a way that draws forth his praise. For acknowledging our success as children affirms his success as our Father. God is waiting to catch us living righteously, so he can joyously affirm us for honoring him with the obedience of faith. Incorporating these promises into our minds and hearts will help us fine tune our faith for those times when we need to remember this encouraging truth.

God, will reward each person according to his deeds: eternal life to those who by perseverance in doing good seek for glory and honor and immortality. … There will be glory and honor and peace for everyone who does good. Romans 2:6–10

What causes God to respond with enthusiastic delight to what we do? Our background is unimportant to the Lord: He doesn’t care where we’re from, who are parents are, what our gender is, or about the color of our skin or the language we speak. Whether we are prosperous or struggling to make ends meet, doesn’t elicit a response. Driving a fancy car does not get his attention, nor does walking barefoot down dusty trails. He prizes how we pursue the prize he proffers. An eternity of undiminished glory and honor and strife-free living awaits everyone who pursues it by doing good; not just once, of course, but persistently. God will honor us for using the resources he’s made available to us in the most suitable way, a way that benefits others and draws attention to him. This is how God acted in creation and how he desires those who represent him to act as well. This is how Jesus lived and why he calls us to learn from him. When we follow him in the obedience of faith, he will assist us in our efforts, restore us when we fail, and finally welcome us home for good.

Creator God, cause the prospect of your praise to empower me for good, forever. Amen


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