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Sustenance #8 — Sustaining Praise

Cast your burden on the Eternal, and he will sustain you; he will never permit the righteous to be moved. Psalm 55:22

Most mighty God, by your wisdom and power you laid the foundations of the earth. The pillars of the earth are yours and on them you have built the world. Forests and glades, mountains and plains, rivers and seas were grown and shaped and guided by your skillful hand. The fullness of the world is your glory, and all of it together cries “Holy!” Day unto day and night unto night, the creation pours forth praise as you sustain its extravagant richness. You satisfy with sun and wind and rain so that the sands of the sea and the dust of the earth confirm the detail of your design. The earth rests firmly and confidently in your hand. No one but you can shake it. No one but you can shake us either. Because you are at our right hand, we have not been, nor will we ever be, shaken. Therefore our hearts rejoice and our flesh dwells secure. It has not been by our might that we prevail, but you have guarded our feet along the path. Tired, weary, lost and afraid we have faced mountainous obstacles and wondered where we would get help to cross them. Our help has come from you, maker of heaven and earth. For you who sustains the weight of the universe, our burdens are nothing. You have carried them and us with ease. When our flesh and our hearts have failed, you have been our strength. When the flight of our faith has faltered, you have renewed our wings like the eagles and caused us to dance on the mountains like gazelles. For all your sustaining grace we give this praise in name of the One through whom all grace abounds. Amen


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