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God’s Awareness #1 – Carefully Watching

Certainly the Eternal carefully watches the whole earth, always ready to strengthen those who are committed to him. 2 Chronicles 16:9

Modern military surveillance equipment scans the battlefield, searching for an exploitable weakness. Troops under its scrutiny anxiously fear their deficiencies will be discovered. They expend energy to camouflage their defects: energy needed used to press the fight. They dissipate energy fretting over ways to deceive the watchers as to their true capabilities: creativity which could have been used more productively. But God is not our enemy. He’s watching, but not to determine our weakness; he already knows we are weak. We are but dust, and our lives a vapor: finite in body and mind, we are intimately acquainted with our limitations. God watches us because he wants to strengthen us. He looks for weak people who are committed to him. When our backs are to the wall, when we are in desperate straits, when the light at the end of the tunnel seems to be a freight train on a collision course, God is ready and eager to come to our aid. Excluding God from our solution matrix is not a wise course of action. When Jesus faced difficult situations throughout his life, he did not put God to the test; he remained committed to the Father’s promises to provide for him in every situation. Now he and the Father are available to come to our aid when we face trials which test our strength.

Almighty God, who works for those who hope in you, perfect the power of your grace in every moment of my weakness.


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