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Speech #8— Controlled for Praise

O Eternal, who may abide in your tent? Who may dwell on your holy hill? Those who walk with integrity, work righteousness, and speak truth in their hearts. They do not slander with their tongue, nor do evil to a neighbor, nor take up a reproach against a friend. Psalm 15:1–3

Fellowship with you is most precious, O God. There is nothing better than awareness of your presence; no better activity than engaging in conversation about you with others who love your glory. I will magnify your grace, rehearsing the innumerable times I have experienced the overflow of your joy. I am delighted to applaud your wisdom and extol your power. For you have used these not only to maintain yourself as a God worthy of worship, but also to work in my life since the day of my conception. To have fellowship with you, Father, is to delight in you as the Son does, to agree with your purpose as the Son does, and to extend your goodness as the Son does. It is worthy of all my love, loyalty, confidence, patience, and effort. I would rather participate in life with you, humbly receiving gifts from your hand, than experience the short-lived thrill of self-exaltation that comes from maligning and defaming those around me. No self-created position of prominence compares with the glory of walking side by side with the Creator of the Universe. Controlling my tongue in my human relationships now is worth the effort because it results in the pleasure of knowing and praising your glory forever, through Jesus my Lord. For how can I bless you, my Lord and Father, if I use my mouth to degrade other people, who have been made in your likeness?


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