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Speech #2—Wisdom and Justice

The mouth of the righteous utters wisdom, and speaks justice. The law of their God is in their heart; so their steps do not slip. Psalm 37:30–31

We are righteous as we commit our futures to all that God is for us in Jesus—delighting in him as the one who secures God’s blessing and teaches us how to live with each other. For it is right to trust God so much that we live in obedience to his instructions. Being righteous means that we know God and that we understand and approve of what he is doing in his creation. For how can we trust someone we don’t know? We know him to be wise, powerful, gracious, and merciful—in other words, that he is holy. We know he created so we can experience and appreciate the fullness of his glory—he is good. We know he decides to reward those who love or hate him—he is just. Because of our knowledge of him, we agree with him that his way is the best way to live. So as we delight in God’s instructions, we will speak wisely and justly to others. Our speech will be wise in that it will convey to our listeners God’s prescription for happiness; it will be pure, gentle, peaceable, reasonable, merciful, constant, and sincere speech. Our speech will communicate justice in that it will not work to deprive anyone of God’s gifts. Rather our speech will affirm and sustain God’s sovereign grace, causing the humble to hope and the poor to persevere.

O Lord, you are a God of wisdom and power, righteousness and justice. Grant me the confidence and courage to stand with you and speak in accord with your character. Amen.


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