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Prayer #6—Just Answers

At all times you ought to pray and not act out of frustration. … God will bring about justice for his elect, who cry to him day and night. He will not delay long over them. He will bring about justice for them quickly. Luke 18:1 & 7–8

Few things are more irritating than delayed justice. When we are wronged, we want immediate action on our behalf. Sometimes we achieve this through the systems God has put in place. Sometimes the systems don’t work; so we begin to think about accomplishing this ourselves, to take vengeance into our own hands. But in a world filled with ungodly, self-centered people, we must realize that justice will often be perverted. God is not unaware of this imbalance: “Do you people judge uprightly? No, you plan unrighteousness in your heart; on earth you measure out personal violence.” Therefore, according to the Gospel, God has fixed a day to judge the world through Jesus, having proved the justness of this plan by raising him from the dead. “Everything that is hidden will become evident.” So when our just cause is thwarted, we must pray that the Lord will take up our cause, understanding that “righteousness and justice are the foundation of his reign.” When Jesus returns to consummate his kingdom, he will right all wrongs, and cause justice to roll down like flood waters. And we will cry with satisfaction, “Surely there is a reward for the righteous. There is a God who judges on earth!”

Gracious Judge, as ready as you are to right all the wrongs in your world, I still have trouble being patient. Strengthen my faith as I keep looking at your promises and the empty tomb.


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