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Grace #5—Strengthening Grace

Jesus, our high priest, can sympathize with our weaknesses because he has been tested thoroughly, similar to our testing, but without sinning. Therefore let us confidently approach the throne of grace in order to receive mercy and find helpfully timed grace. Hebrews 4:14–16

Three year old children love to say, “Do it myself!” Offering unsolicited help, results in a resounding rejection because they are confident in their own strength. Every challenge to their abilities is a test they want to pass. But sometimes, when they realize they don’t quite have what it takes, they request help, help to overcome their weaknesses. As children of God, we too face tests, situations that try the strength of our confidence in, and our faithfulness to, our heavenly Father. Such trials vary according to our unique circumstances and needs. For example, God gave Paul a thorn in the flesh to keep him from thinking too highly of himself. And, in response to Paul’s prayer, promised him the grace he would need to overcome his weakness so he would remain faithful. Jesus underwent these same kinds of tests. Because he trusted the Father to be ready, willing and able to do him good, he intercedes for us now whenever we need help to do the same. Because he also knows our weaknesses, he will respond mercifully to our requests for help to stay strong, to fight the fight of faith. Whether it is through direct intervention in our hearts or through the encouragement of other believers, he will joyfully make his strength available to us so we will succeed beyond our wildest “Do it myself” dreams.

Lord Jesus, may your power rest in me in the midst of my trials so that I can joyfully boast about my weakness.


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