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Forgiven #6—Forgiving Patience

The Lord is not negligent concerning his promise, as some count negligence, but is patient toward you all, not intending for any of you to perish but for all of you to come to full repentance. 2 Peter 3:9

All doctors know that some of the promises they make regarding our health take longer to come true than others. So they continue to work on behalf of their patients, encouraging us to follow the rehabilitation plan they have prescribed so we will recover fully. They are willing to wait with us if we are willing to work with them. In the same way Jesus is not negligent about his promise to return and finish the process of saving us from our sin. The time when he will accomplish this is nearer than when we first believed. While we wait, he suffers through our recovery with us, patiently giving us time to repent of our failures to trust him completely; Abraham is a good example. If he intended for us to perish he would cut off his life supporting fellowship from us. But that is not his intent. He will not “pull the plug.” Bu he also exhorts us to “be diligent to be found by him in peace, spotless and blameless.” To that end he gives us every opportunity to forsake our rebellious ways and the tools we need in order to live godly and holy lives. He works with us for our forgiveness now as always.

Lord Jesus, thank you for patiently giving me every opportunity to be fully repentant so you find me spotless and blameless when you return. “Teach me to number my days and gain a wise heart, so I act in a timely manner.” Amen.


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