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Thinking #9—Considered Praise

One generation shall praise your works to another, and shall declare your mighty acts. On the glorious splendor of your majesty, and on your wonderful works, I will meditate. Many shall speak of the power of your awesome acts, and I will tell of your greatness. Psalm 145:4–6

Glorious God, elegant design and exquisite detail characterize the creation you spoke into being and sustain by the power of your word. For thousands of years flora and fauna have flourished according to the instructions you devised and introduced into each interconnected ecological niche. Throughout human history you have intervened so we might continue to experience your goodness. Despite our self-centered interactions, you have repeatedly kept us from destroying ourselves. Graciously, you did not leave us without a witness of your wisdom and power. By the richness of your kind and forbearing longsuffering, you offer us opportunities to repent. Regardless of how evil we humans became, you retained a remnant who followed you in the obedience of faith. Even more, you opened our eyes to discover the rules that govern creation, so we can manage it wisely and beneficially. But best and most amazing of all, you sent your Son to deliver us from the penalty and power of the sin which kept us from enjoying the glory of your work: By wisely using your power, the infinite God assumed the finitude of humanity and absorbed the punishment our sin deserved. You raised him from the dead, and, because of your love for him, drew millions of us to worship you in his name. In this brilliant light, we discern and delight in the glorious splendor of all your other deeds. Hallelujah!


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