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Thinking #2— Sanctifying Consideration

Consider yourselves to be dead to sin, but alive to God in Christ Jesus. Therefore, do not let sin reign in your mortal body for the purpose of obeying its desires. Romans 6:11–12

Thinking about the unseen reality of union with Christ is worth the effort! Jesus is dead to sin—it cannot have a negative effect on his behavior or his destiny—and we are united with Jesus. He lives to God—the fellowship of the Father and Son is unbroken by any dissension between them—and we are linked to Jesus. So union with Christ establishes hope that we can begin to overcome the evil desires we still struggle against—because we were included in his crucifixion, we are included in his resurrection. These truths make a difference as we interact with them. We activate their power by meditating on them until the richness and beauty of being linked to Jesus overwhelms us. Union with Christ promises a future in which we can be certain it is possible to overcome sin. Believing this promise removes the despair we would otherwise feel as we encounter strong desires for things which dishonor God and do us harm. Through Jesus we have access to the grace of God—particularly to the presence of the Holy Spirit—and to a change of heart that allows us to delight in the work of God. So when we think carefully about our fellowship with God through our union with Jesus, righteousness can reign in our lives instead of sin.

Lord, open my eyes to all the benefits of being one with you, so I can see them clearly, love them dearly, and follow you more truly. Amen.


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