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Goodness #6—Good Discipline

It is for discipline that we endure; God deals with us as with children; what child is there whom a father does not discipline? … They disciplined us for the day, as seemed best to them, but God does so for our good, that we may receive a share of his holiness. Hebrews 12:7–10

Surgical instruments endure “discipline” so they can be useful in the hands of the surgeon and beneficial to the patient. Surgical residents endure discipline at the hands of attendings, so they will be uniquely qualified to cut away diseased tissue from concerned patients. Soldiers endure discipline from their leaders so they will respond with skill and courage under fire. Musicians endure discipline so they will be able to perform excellently. So, it is to our advantage to be disciplined by God. He orders our lives in such a way that we can learn the difficult lessons thoroughly: as Moses did when God made him a shepherd on the back side of Midian for forty years, as Job did when God used illness to purge him of hidden spiritual pride, as Jesus did for forty days in the wilderness of Judea. By faith they persevered in their relationship, until God saw they were mature enough to benefit from what he would do for and through them next. Likewise, Christian saints endure so we might joyfully receive and become conduits of the infinite, unexcelled and irreplaceable worth of God.

Most Holy God, grant me a clearer vision of how good your holy work is in my life; and grant me grace to persevere until you have made me ready to receive and enjoy it.


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