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Abundance #8—Praised Abundance

They shall speak of the power of your awesome acts; and tell of your greatness. They shall bubble over with the memory of your abundant goodness, singing joyfully of your righteousness. Psalm 145:7

From idol worship to Father of Many Nations, you transformed Abraham into the “Friend of God.” You guided the children of promise through family quarrels and Pharaoh’s conquest. Ac­cording to your purpose to glorify yourself in your people, you kept seven thousand from worshiping Baal. And you restored a nation from the punishment of exile and captivity, so the Messianic line could continue until Jesus appeared in the fullness of time. From the palaces of Heaven, you sent your Son to suffer shame and pain and death so I could be redeemed from sin’s dread grasp and released from the need to glory in my own achievements; so I would be able to boast in your overwhelming compassion, mercy and grace. As with Joseph, you worked to turn the evil intentions of others into good for me. As with David, you defeated those who tried to keep me from your plans for my life. As with Josiah, you brought me back to your word. As with Habakkuk, you overcame my cynical heart through your sovereign power. As with Esther, you provided courage in the face of power. As with Peter, you restored me from failures in faith. As with Paul, you overcame my resistance and instilled a delight for all that you accomplished in Jesus. In fulfillment of your covenant promises you have satisfied my soul with your abundant goodness and established your righteousness with faithfulness and grace. Amen.


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