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Abundance #2—Duty-free Abundance

Be gracious to me, O Eternal, for I cry to you all day long. Make your servant’s glad, for I lift up my soul to you O Lord. For you, Lord, are good, and ready to forgive, and abundant in extravagant kindness to all who call upon you. Psalm 86:3–5

When we relate to the Lord as the Great Physician, he is always ready to go the extra mile. Standing by our bedside, he is always “on call” for us, ready to administer whatever treatment is necessary to bring us back to full health. He is not perfunctory or reluctant or begrudging. He is solicitous, enthusiastic, and generous. He is more than generous. His concern goes beyond the need of the moment, his expertise beyond the superficial. All that Jesus is as God is readily and immediately available to us through the Holy Spirit. Being richly and gloriously capable, he is ever available to us when we appeal to his reputation. As our Patron Provider, he digs deep into his infinitely spacious pockets. From the bounty of his treasury he calls forth more than “just enough.” As our Mighty Warrior, “beyond the call of duty” is written on every commendation he receives. No matter how complicated or complex the situation we present, he is able to marshal exactly the right resources to cover every conceivable contingency.

Thank you for making your covenant with me so compatible with my need to sense the security and stability of your love. Open my eyes to see the abundant way you go beyond your obligations as you supply my every need in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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