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Mentoring #5—Rescuing Mentor

If God preserved Noah, when he brought a flood upon the ungodly … and if he rescued righteous Lot, oppressed by the sensual conduct of unprincipled men … then the Lord understands how to rescue the godly from trial. 2 Peter 2:5–9

Sometimes it seems as though we are swimming upstream in class six rapids. The pressure of the current is from all the people we know who are thinking and feeling and acting contrary to the wise ways God has taught us to live. Dangerous, ungodly sights and sounds and schemes cascade around us, battering us against the failures of our past, and blocking our view of the glory of the grace of God, the source of all our joy. But the Lord understands how to rescue the godly. He’s done it before. This process is not new to him. Whether it’s persecution such as Noah suffered, or perversion such as Lot endured, he can, and will, deliver us. They resisted each day by keeping God’s promises close to their hearts, disregarding the shame their peers flung their way. Then when he offered them escape, they took it; even though it hurt. Jesus, who is the perfect example of faith, followed the same strategy as he endured. Time after time the Father rescued him—from the wilderness to the garden. With his help we can keep swimming. By his grace, we will survive and grow strong, ready for every new challenge.

Saving Lord, strengthen my heart with the joy of your love as I endure in the fight of faith. Open a door of escape and push me through. Amen.


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