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Team #2—Monkey See, Monkey Do

If you will fear the Eternal and serve him, and listen to his voice and not rebel against the command of the Eternal, then both you and also the king who reigns over you will follow the Eternal, your God. 1 Samuel 12:14

The dynamics of teamwork are unique in that the principle of cause and effect works both ways. We all recognize that the leader’s attitudes and behavior produce certain effects in those who follow them. Leaders who display humility, wisdom and integrity tend to develop followers who operate according to the same paradigm. What we don’t often understand is that the reverse is also true. Our lives as team members create an atmosphere that is either healthy or poisonous, rebellious or willing. Moses and Jesus say that the Father’s instructions are not burdensome, but fit us well and wear easily. They are intended for our good, to give us hopeful joy in our communities. So when our leaders see us honor our Creator by extending the grace he’s given to us to one another, they will be more inclined to be gracious. When they see us patiently handle disappointment and deprivation, they too will exercise courage and restraint. When they experience our refusal to take advantage of people around us because we trust the providence of the Eternal, our leaders will be less likely to abuse the power God’s given them, and more likely to use it on our behalf.

Almighty God, grant me the consistency I need as I work out my faith. Open my leaders’ eyes to appreciate your goodness in me.


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