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Transformation #6—Beneficial Transformation

To each one is given the manifestation of the Spirit for the benefit of all. 1 Corinthians 12:7

First, creation; then, recreation. When God first assigned human beings the task of exercising authority over creation as his representatives, he intended for us to continue subduing chaos so that he, and we, could label the end result ‘good.’ A good end would be one that would benefit everyone. Sadly, each of us failed to honor him as God or to be grateful for all that he did, and promised to do, for us. We can sense this disconnect and the frustration that goes with it. But all is not lost! Part of the change—essential to the change—that occurs to followers of Jesus is that the Holy Spirit begins to show up in how we make decisions. As our faith grows, the Spirit makes it possible for us to act so that the results are actually good. As the Spirit manifests God’s love to us in unique ways, we are able to make uniquely beneficial contributions to our communities. Encouraged by creating order rather than furthering chaos, we express our faith more in works of love. Even when we meet resistance, our love shows up as patience, humility, sensitivity, resilience, forbearance, and perseverance, because that’s how God’s love shows up in our lives as the Spirit makes us good.

O God, may I use the gifts I’ve received from you to serve others as a good steward of your varied grace: When I speak, let it be with your words; when I serve, may I do so with the strength that you supply; so that in everything you will be glorified through Jesus Christ? Amen.


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