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Transformation #4—Holy Transformation

Fix your hopes totally on the grace which will be yours when Jesus Christ reappears. As obedient children, do not conform yourselves to what you desired when you were ignorant, but, like the Holy One who called you, you be holy in all your behavior. 1 Peter 1:14–15

Almighty God, who was revealed through the life of Jesus, acts as our “Holy One.” He demonstrates that he has infinite, unexcelled and irreplaceable worth to us every day. All that his infinite wisdom and power enable him to be, he gladly extends to us for our benefit, so that we, like Jesus, can make ourselves valuable to others. When he called us to himself through the gospel message, we were not much good to anyone. This is because we were ignorant of what could be ours as God is gracious to us, as he moves from joy in himself to create a corresponding joy in us. When Christ returns, we will have unlimited access to this grace. Now, however, we can be transformed from not being valuable to being invaluable by keeping our eyes on the prize. Now that we know what to expect, we can be obedient children, children who wholeheartedly and lovingly obey our Heavenly Father. We become obedient children by looking to God as the One who is able to make life good for us. The more we experi­ence a joyful life in relation to this holy Parent, the more eager we will be to follow his lead. Holy conduct is possible when we are confident, enthusiastic, and expectant children.

Holy Father, grant that I will confirm my desires for your grace by conforming my behavior to your desire that I be gracious.


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