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Guidance #1—Accessible Guidance

What to do next and where to go next, are often questions not easily answered. How best to reach a destination we already have in mind can also be perplexing. In these cases we need guidance, particularly if the deed or the destination affects or expresses our relationship with God. God’s words light the path before us as we follow Jesus in the obedience of faith. He also seems to guide us in other ways. This next set of promises encourages us to fine tune our faith so that we seek and follow his guidance quickly and earnestly.

Call to me, and I will answer you, and I will tell you great and inaccessible things which you do not know. Jeremiah 33:3

God put the cookie jar of knowledge in the cupboard, but not so we will remain ignorant. Rather, he longs to satisfy our hunger for information, but in a way that makes it clear the knowledge we receive is from him and is related to him. He is the Eternal, who formed and established the earth. He is the God of Israel, who holds the future of the nations in his hands. He is the designer of the universe and the One who maintains it with wisdom and power. He is the architect of history and the One whose purpose will be fulfilled. God has made some knowledge easily available. But some he has made inaccessible, except by a special dispensation from him. Yet it is not unobtainable, for he will grant access to those who ask. The key to the door of God’s cupboard is prayer. Then when he supplies what we need to know, we see the connection of our knowledge and his purpose so that our joy is focused on him. Our appreciation of his holiness and our finitude expands, so that praise flows more readily from our hearts and lips.

Wise and omniscient God, nothing is too difficult for you, and your mercy is toward all who hope in you. Therefore I ask you to supply the knowledge I lack, so I can serve those you have called me to serve in Jesus’ name.


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