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Behind the Scenes #8—Sovereign Praise

Nebuchadnezzar blessed the Most High: “He does according to his will in the host of heaven and among the inhabitants of earth; and no one can ward off his hand or say to him, ‘What have you done?’ … All that he does is right, his ways are just, and he is able to humble those who live in pride.” Daniel 4:34–37

O God in whom we live and move and enjoy our existence, unseen but all-seeing, uncaused but the cause of all, we, your finite and fallible creatures, marvel at the scope of your operational reach and the depth of your sovereign wisdom. Even though we live in a world of quantum unpredictability, you know the position and velocity of every particle wave function without interfering with either. Probability is not a problem to you. The patterns of possibilities we face each day are not chaotic to you. So we boast in your sovereign saving work. We have seen you deliver Abraham from the consequences of his lie and Joseph from his brothers’ evil conspiracy. David swore to your intervention on his behalf with the lion, the bear and the boastful giant; and when Jehoshaphat’s choir led the army into battle, you won the victory. Twice you led Israel out of captivity, once from arrogant Egypt and once from haughty Iraq. Humble women such as Rahab, Hannah, Ruth, Esther, Elizabeth and Mary have all experienced your gracious work behind the scenes of their lives. So we joyfully join Nebuchadnezzar in raising a glass to toast your indomitable will, your inscrutable wisdom, and the just paths you take to every destination you create. Amen.


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