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Behind the Scenes #5—Good Days

Consider the activity of God: For who can straighten what he has bent? In good times be good, but in bad times consider this: God has made one as well as the other, so that no one can discover what the future holds. Ecclesiastes 7:13–14

We know a ‘good’ pen when we write with one. We know a ‘good’ car when we drive one. We know a ‘good’ pair of shoes when we walk in them. We know a design is ‘good’ when all the parts work together correctly. So it’s easy to see why we gravitate toward good pens and cars and shoes, and enjoy putting together good designs. We especially like ‘good’ days, days when it’s easy to be ‘good,’ to successfully act in ways which are most appropriate for us as human beings made to represent our Creator. But it’s difficult to know if today will be a ‘good’ day. We begin the day not knowing if the day ahead of us will be good or bad. Sometimes the path seems to be straight, true, level and free of obstacles. But then we experience ‘those’ days, days that are bent, twisted, bumpy and strewn with obstacles. On these kinds of days, it’s easy to forget that “this is the day Yahweh has made” too. So we must not wait for a ‘better’ day. Today is God’s day, and he is not orchestrating our days capriciously. Good times and bad times are his gifts to us to keep us focused on being good today.

Sovereign Lord, thank you for all the days of my life. May I be a good representative of you today.


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