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Patient Prince of Peace

God displayed redemption in Christ Jesus to demonstrate his own righteousness, because in his forbearance he passed over previously committed sins, so that he would be just and the justifier of the one who is of the faith of Jesus. Romans 3:25–26

God was patient, not expressing his just anger, despite millennia of abuse by his human creations. Jesus came to be a peacemaker, to reconcile us with the One who has long suffered from our arrogant and self-centered belittling and demeaning ways. To benefit from his reconciling work, we must admit our enmity with God and contritely reframe our lives. But the Peacemaker is more than just a peace-child. He is the administrator of all that fellowship with God implies; he is the Prince of Peace. Under his patient leadership, we who follow him in the obedience of faith experience the harmonious, well-balanced, happy lives which God’s grace creates and imparts. Definitely worth celebrating!


Long suffering from human wickedness—
His gracious love and helpful hand ignored—
Our God did not reveal his righteousness
In wrath because he was not lovingly adored.
Forbearance of this painful ignorance
Caused doubt to grow in sinful human souls:
“Are we just subject to the tides of chance,
Or is his patience working toward his goals?”
Christ Jesus came at last to demonstrate
How patient mercy from the Lord was right:
The sinners’ punishment he took was great.
True Christmas gift to all who are contrite,
Longsuffering has brought us to our knees;
Salvation from the patient Prince of Peace.


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