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Patience #2—Wisely Patient

The end of a matter is better than its beginning. Patience of spirit is better than haughtiness of spirit. Do not be eager in your heart to be angry, for anger resides in the bosom of fools. Ecclesiastes 7:8–9

God is perfectly wise. From him we learn the nature of wisdom. It is the ability to discern and choose what will give us the greatest joy over the longest period of time. Only a fool would make a choice that would be harmful in the end, regardless of how pleasant it might seem in the beginning. When we experience painfully unjust situations in which we might become angry, wise people remain patient people. Since we don’t know with certainty how a series of events will conclude, we demonstrate wisdom by waiting patiently for God to finish what he began. The arrogant pride that leads to easy anger will not bring us any lasting joy. For “human anger does not accomplish the righteousness of God.” And, the longer we remain angry, the more foolish we become. Proud, persistent anger only drives people away from us and away from God. But a patient spirit allows God time to turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones. These will bring us and our adversaries closer to each other and to him, our perfect source of joy.

Sovereign Lord, you know the end from the beginning, and you desire nothing but my good. So I reaffirm my trust in your wise disposition of my circumstances. Grant me the grace of a humble, patient spirit in my most painful situations. Amen.


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