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Holiness #8 — Praising Holiness

Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord of the Universe, the fullness of the earth is his glory. Isaiah 6:3

Who is like you, having infinite, unexcelled and irreplaceable worth? O Eternal God, how I delight to consider the ways you manifest this value in the extravagance of your creation. For when I do, I realize again the magnitude of your holi­ness. Where simple function would have served, you made complex, integrated designs. Where one or two kinds would have sufficed, you made dozens and hundreds—fish, birds, trees, flowers, people. Even more amazing and wonderful is how gracious you are to give me the pleasure of living in this vast storehouse of your treasure. What a joy it is to consider all that your hands have made! “Day speaks eagerly to day, and night to night declares your praise.” And everywhere I look, I see human beings of every description, as diverse as seven billion individuals can be, yet all made by you as your images, to display some unique aspect of your greatness. And wonder of wonders, I can be an agent for the extension of your holiness to them. By your sanctifying work I can become a channel that won’t pollute your blessings as they flow through me into your world. May I always live so that those who experience the good I do, see that its one and only source is you. Amen and amen.


One thought on “Holiness #8 — Praising Holiness

  1. Needed this today, Doug. Thank you!!

    Ted Pampeyan 360.929.2207 Network Pastor Support


    Posted by Ted Pampeyan | 6 January 2016, 09:26

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