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Holiness #4 — Holy Results

Present your members as slaves to righteousness for the purpose of holiness … and its outcome, eternal life. Romans 6:19–22

One way to paraphrase this wonderful promise is: If we do what accords with God’s design for people, we will become truly valuable to the lives we touch, which will yield the benefit of eternal life for us.  Fully committing ourselves to the lifestyle God has commanded is the wisest way for us to live; we will not regret doing so, ever. We will be like the patients who, because we trust our doctors, read the instructions on the prescription bottle from our doctors, so we get it just right as we proceed along the path to recovery. God’s prescription is best in that the behavior it commends and commands is not only good for his patients, but for everyone we contact as well. Our righteous living makes us holy to every human being we meet. The Doctor is our holy one, the one most valuable to healthy living; and as we do what the Doctor orders, we become holy ones to everyone else. This results in a more joyful life for them and for us now. Eventually for us, and maybe even for them, our pursuit of righteousness will result in the joy of eternal life.

Gracious Creator, thank you for showing me how desirable your design for us is. Let me see clearly the good that will come as I follow the leadership of your Son, by whom your goodness comes to me. Amen.


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