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Help #2 — Brotherly Help

Saul went out to seek David’s life while David was in the wilderness. But Jonathan arose and went to David and encouraged him in God: “Do not be afraid, for the hand of Saul my father shall not find you. Indeed, you will be king over Israel and I will be next to you.” 1 Samuel 23:15–17

God not only delivers his people from desperate situations, he also delivers them from despair. We need to overcome despair, so we don’t give up while God is working out our rescue. One way he does this is by using the fellowship of another believer. Note that while Saul was looking, Jonathan knew right where to find David. More importantly, Jonathan came and “strengthened his hand in God.” He didn’t just tell him not to worry. He reminded David of God’s promise to make him king in place of Saul. David saw God’s love in Jonathan’s risky effort to keep his faith alive. And David remembered God’s reputation was at stake here, not his own. Thus God became the source of encouragement. God’s renewed promise to David was like the reminder Habakkuk received that the vision was yet for the appointed time; so he should wait, for it would not be late. Renewed in his faith, David waited for the Lord to act; and God miraculously diverted Saul at the place now known as “The Rock of Escape.”

Thank you, Father, for the hope of help, especially when I am ready to give up. Open my heart to the reminders of your faithfulness brought by faithful friends. Amen.


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