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God’s Awareness #8 — Well-Watched Praise

The Eternal is in his holy temple; the Eternal’s throne is in heaven. His eyes watch; his eyes examine all people. The Eternal tests for righteousness; indeed he hates wickedness and the love of violence. Psalm 11:4–5

Eternal God, as you scan and scrutinize our lives from the beauty and majesty of your heavenly dwelling, we trust in your integrity and fairness. We cannot turn your head or twist your arm; you do not show partiality or take a bribe. You neither condemn the just or condone the unjust. Your values are certain and your evaluation of us clear. When we persevere as our confidence in you is tested, you approve; for such righteousness honors your holiness: your infinite, unexcelled and irreplaceable worth. When we respond to difficult situations and defiant people in gentle ways which accord with your design, in ways which correspond to our task to extend your gracious goodness to the world around us, your joyous approval flows from your heart. When Enoch walked in close fellowship with you, you were so pleased you took him to yourself. When Abraham demonstrated his faith through obedience, you approved. When Rahab hid the Israeli spies, you approved of her faith. When Jesus went to the cross, you showed your approval by raising him from the grave. This consistent commitment to love those who demonstrate a delight in your goodness gives us hope and encourages us to consistently commit ourselves to the same end; for we know that no good deed goes unnoticed by your all-seeing eyes. Amen.


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