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God’s Awareness #5 – Rewarding Eyes

I had integrity with the Eternal, and made sure I stayed true to him. Therefore he rewarded me according to my righteousness, … in his eyes. With the kind you show yourself kind. Psalm 18:23–26

Extravagant kindness is at the core of godly living because extravagant kindness is at the core of God’s life. Extravagant kindness, in that the kindness godly people exhibit is above and beyond the call of duty; it flows from the sense of fullness we attain as we walk in faithful fellowship with Jesus. We can be extravagant as we perceive God’s extravagance with us; in turn God is extravagant with us as his eyes behold us emulate him. Extravagant kindness, in that our actions toward others are as beneficial as they can be; they flow from our delight in the goodness we experience in fellowship with Jesus. We can be kind in light of God’s kindness to us; and God is kind to us, when he sees us being kind to others. God loves to encourage and support us as we fulfill our assignment to represent him in creation. God rewards us when we, like the psalmist, faithfully imitate our Creator. When God saw Abraham was faithful to him, he committed himself for his good. When the Lord saw Paul’s faithfulness in ministry, he increased his ministry. The more we follow Jesus in the obedience of faith, the more we will become like him, and the more he will extend his grace to us.

Almighty God, “whose eyes are open to all our ways, give to me according to my ways and according to the fruit of my deeds.” Amen.


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