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Sustenance #1 — Sustaining Kindness

At the beginning of the year, we would be wise to consider God’s promises to sustain us in all of our various endeavors. Having these words in our hearts will keep our faith strong as we encounter situations in which we might think we are on our own, without support or resources

Extravagant kindness and faithfulness preserve the king, and he strengthens his throne with gracious generosity. Proverbs 20:28

Extravagant promises and extraordinary performance create and cement great relationships. We would strongly prefer the kind of leader who is joyfully generous and courageously faithful, rather than one who is stubbornly stingy and fearfully contingent. Don’t we readily follow the people who both show us how they can enrich our lives, and who actually work with us until we attain what they have promised? Don’t we love leaders who commit themselves to be a means to our end, rather than the other way around? We too can be leaders like King David. We too can know the joy of giving. We too can experience more cooperative co-workers. When we remember God’s sustaining kindness and faithfulness, so that we are satisfied with all that he is for us in Christ, we will feel full enough to promise more than people expect, and certain enough to faithfully do what we’ve promised. Extravagant kindness is possible on our part because the King of the Universe provides for us beyond what we deserve and beyond what we dream. Keeping our promises — even under the most difficult circumstances, even when it seems that we will suffer loss if we do — is possible because God’s throne is where we can count on finding “mercy and grace to help in time of need.”

Faithful Lord, as I rely on your gracious generosity, give me the courage to graciously extend myself on behalf of those I lead. Amen.


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