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Trials #5 – Praying Perseverance

Stay awake and pray, so that you will not engage in testing God. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. Mark 14:38

Even when we know “what’s behind the door,” it’s often difficult to grasp the handle, turn our wrist and walk through. In fact, especially when we know “what’s behind the door,” we hesitate; we wonder and worry whether God’s way is best, whether he really has a good end in view for us. But we are not the first to experience feelings of reluctance, mistrust, and vacillation. We are not the first to question God. Jesus was there before us. The night he was betrayed, Jesus took some of the disciples to his favorite prayer place so they could help him remain confident in God’s plan. Jesus demonstrated the value of his promising imperative by walking the walk himself. Here he faced the greatest trial of his life before completing his journey to the cross: he confronted the possibility of putting God to the test. The trial of his faith was whether or not he would put the trustworthiness of the Father on trial. Our lives are different only to the degree that the lives of the original disciples were different. They were not called to the cross, but they were called, as we are called, to stick with Jesus while he carries out the Father’s plan. The disciples slept and failed. We will succeed, if we pray.

Good and wise God, keep my spirit willing enough to seek your aid so I overcome my hesitancy to follow your plan to completion.


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