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Trials #4 — Passing Praise

It may be necessary for you to suffer for a short time in various trials, so that the proven character of your faith … will be displayed, resulting in praise and glory and honor when Jesus Christ is revealed. 1 Peter 1:6–7

When Jesus walked the earth, his life was no bed of roses. The residents of his home town drove him away; so he had no home. The religious and political leaders of his community hated him; so they killed him. His closest friends misunderstood much of his teaching; so they deserted him in his hour of need. Yet the one who came proclaiming and demonstrating the arrival of the Kingdom of God remained confident in and committed to his mission and his Master. For proving the genuineness of his faith in these, and many other, trials, the Father loudly proclaimed his joy: “I am very pleased with you!” All of this was part of the purpose and plan of God for Jesus’ life. The trials were necessary for him; they are necessary for us. In God’s economy the claim to faith is no substitute for the confirmation of faith. Faith must be tested in order to be revealed. And when faith is confirmed, God is not stingy with praise. He will lavish praise and glory and honor on those who persevere in doing good, for God awards each of us according to our deeds. Deeds flowing from confidence in and commitment to him point to his grace and in return receive a resounding “Well done!”

Blessed God, may the prospect of such praise keep me rejoicing through the trials and into Christ’s triumph.


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