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Trials #3 — Rewarded Testing

Happy, fortunate, are those who endure testing, because when they have proven reliable, they will receive the crown of life God promised to those who love him. James 1:12

Businesses crave the coveted Underwriters Laboratories certification stamp on their products because the trademarked symbol signifies that the product has proven reliable by enduring rigorous trials. Customers purchase an UL® stamped product because they have confidence it has held up under harsh testing. We want products of proven trustworthiness; should we expect God to desire less of those who bear his name? Therefore we who are disciples of Jesus should expect testing to be part of the process by which God prepares us for life with him in the age to come. When God tested Abraham to see if he loved God more than his beloved son, Isaac, Abraham passed the test by obeying God’s command. So it is with us. Every trial we experience is a test of our love for the Father, of our confidence that he will provide the best possible future for us. Sometimes he tests our love by taking away what little we seem to have; sometimes by giving us too much, as he did with Israel. In every case we can pass the test simply by demonstrating our love for God with faithful obedience. As we endure in this way day by day, we will enjoy a growing anticipation of receiving God’s crowning stamp of approval: LIFE.

Holy Father, cause me to see your infinite, unexcelled, and irreplaceable value in every circumstance, so I may offer enduring obedience. Amen.


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