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Christian Freedom #3 — Morally Free

Forgiveness of sins is proclaimed to you through Jesus, and through him everyone who believes is freed from all the things, from which you could not be freed through the Law of Moses. Acts 13:38-39

Forgiveness and freedom, that’s good news! That’s the Gospel! As good as the Law was, it could not free us from the inclination to change God’s commands from a doctor’s prescription for which we must praise, into a job description for which we demand praise. The Law taught us to live by faith, but it could not change our legalistic hearts which seek to parade our distinctives before God. Now, however, in Christ, the Holy Spirit has given us new hearts, hearts inclined to welcome God’s Word, so “the requirement of the Law might be fulfilled in us.” The name for this kind of freedom is moral freedom. Before the regenerating work of the Spirit, we were physically able to trust God, but morally unable, because we didn’t want to trust him. So we were not free to love our enemies because we didn’t want to love them. Now, in Christ, we are free from our bondage to hatred and all the trouble that goes with it, because we want to trust God’s promise that he will provide more for us than our enemies can ever take away.

Lord Jesus, you have changed me by the transforming power of a new affection. Keep me trusting your promises so I will remain free of the legalistic tendencies of my flesh. Amen.


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