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God’s Presence #6 — Present for Clarity

It is to your advantage that I … send the Helper to you. … He will expose the world’s error concerning sin, righteousness and judgment. John 16:7-8

The world would have us believe incorrectly about certain fundamental truths. So having the Holy Spirit is advantageous for Christians. Jesus does not give him to us to convince the ungodly of their error. Rather we receive him into our hearts as the prosecuting attorney who exposes the error of all those who fail to acknowledge Jesus as Lord. The Spirit exposes the world’s incorrect thinking about sin; confidence in Jesus is the only way to overcome sin in our lives. The Spirit exposes the world’s incorrect notions about righteousness; as Jesus lived by faith in his Father he became the model of righteous living, for he is the one going to be with the Father. The Spirit exposes the world’s error concerning judgment; everyone will be judged, for the ruler of the world’s ungodly has been judged. We may not always have other people who can help us see clearly the reality of the situation around us. But we do have the Holy Spirit. He is with us and will help us recognize reality and remember what Jesus taught when he was here. Furthermore, he will “guide us into all the truth.” We have an advantage.

Lord Jesus, thank you for putting your wisdom and desire to live righteously into me by the Holy Spirit. Thank you for not leaving me to face the world alone. Illuminate your truth through me. Amen.


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