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God’s Presence #3 — Present in Persecution

Joseph had been taken down to Egypt … and the Eternal was with Joseph. Genesis 39:1-2

Where we are in life, physically or existentially, is infinitely less important than who is with us while we’re there. If we’re in a “Garden of Eden” accompanied by an enemy, paradise becomes perdition. If we feel captive in some place where we’d choose not to be, but God is with us, prison becomes paradise. Joseph teaches us that we must not let “place” ruin our perspective on life because God is present in places and situations where it seems unlikely. Therefore we don’t have to take matters into our own hands. As Joseph kept trusting the Eternal to be god to him he was able to love his captors. He did not moan and mope. He set about doing his best at what he was given to do. He did not steal from his master; rather he worked for his benefit. He did not take advantage of his master’s wife’s sexual advances. For he did not want to “do this great evil and sin against God.” When he went to prison on false charges in spite of his righteous actions, “the Eternal was with Joseph and extended kindness to him.” In the end Joseph was able to see that his enemies “meant it to him for evil, but God meant it for good, in order to” save many others.

Father, thank you for never abandoning me, even in what seem to be the darkest hours. Please grant me grace to honor you as Joseph did. Amen.


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