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God’s Presence #1 — Present for Victory

In one sense we can never escape the presence of God: “In him we live and move and exist.” “Where can I flee from your presence?” is a rhetorical question implying a negative answer. But God’s promises to be present in an actively helpful sense are legion and were given in order to motivate our resolve to remain faithful to him while we await his “helpful and timely grace.” The next set of meditations focus our attention on a few of these which are guaranteed by the one who said, “I will be with you to the end of the age.”

By their own sword they did not possess the land; and their own arm did not save them; but by God’s right hand, and God’s arm, and the light of God’s presence, for God favored them. Psalm 44:3

Sometimes we feel inclined to give up because it doesn’t seem as though the Lord is still guiding us and working for us in the difficulties and miseries of everyday life. In spite of our inaccurate perceptions, we are at this place in our lives because of the presence and power of our God. He has been the foundation stone on which our lives are built. By the exercise of his grace we have proceeded as far as we are. He was mighty and wise and energetic and gracious to us, so that we conquered and possessed the land we now occupy. If we are Christ’s, we are favored and have the light of his presence. Indeed, as we walk in the light of God, we will gain situational awareness so that we do not stumble. The Darkness cannot defeat us as long as we trust him who wants to do good to us with his whole heart and soul. Furthermore, as we fight the good fight of faith, the light of his loving goodness shines through us onto everyone around.

Father, thank you for your work in and through me, even when I don’t always perceive your activity. Trusting the promise of your presence, I recommit myself to the battle today, through Jesus, my Lord. Amen.


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