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Godliness #8 — Praised by Godliness

Know that the Eternal has set apart the godly man for himself. The Eternal hears when I call to him. Psalm 4:3

Before any of my days began, O Lord, you had ordained them all and written them in your book. This was no whim, nor capricious contingency. I am a thread in your tapestry, not a piece of lint on your sleeve. You oversaw the genetic dispersions and conglomerations that would lead to my parents and to me. Through storm and earthquake and plague and war, through family squabbles and governmental bumbling, you guided history’s course until the moment you chose to bring me into your picture. Timing, location, culture; nothing left to chance. How exquisitely precise! How magnificently complex! But more than just include me, you chose me, setting me apart to have fellowship with you forever — to walk in the light with you apprehending and appreciating all that you do. You sent your Son to die in my place so you could turn me from an ungodly, insulting individual into a person who will enjoy you and be a source of praise throughout eternity. By the power of your Spirit you are purging my heart of the fear and pride which keep me from fully admiring and approving how holy you are, so that one day I will be fit to dwell in your presence, ready to experience all the fullness of God. How utterly gracious! How totally benevolent! How wonderfully merciful! How amazingly glorious! Amen and amen!


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