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Godliness #5 — Reconciled Godliness

I will hear what God, the Eternal, will say; for he will speak peace to his people, even to his godly ones. And they will not turn back to folly. His deliverance is near to those who fear him, that glory may dwell in our land. Psalm 85:8-9

In the midst of stressful lives, godly people need to hear words from God which encourage godly living; and we need to hear reasons to listen carefully to what he says to us. He gives us courage by reminding us that his deliverance is near to us, to those who see him as the One who has the final say in all that pertains to our lives. We need fear no one else, for he alone has the power of life and death. We should listen to this One who has such power over our lives, because he promises reconciliation to us, and the ability to abandon our sin. God does not expect perfection from us yet. So he keeps working in us to overcome our lapses in faith and to turn us away from the foolishness of self-sufficiency and self-exaltation. The promise of the cross and the power of the Spirit persuade us to listen to God’s commands, to call upon him in the day of trouble so he will deliver us, and to realize how glorious he is as he delivers us.

Patient Lord, open my ears to the reconciliation you offer your people. Deliver me from foolish choices today; keep me following your wise way in every aspect of my life. Manifest your glory through me in every way. Amen.


2 thoughts on “Godliness #5 — Reconciled Godliness

  1. Thanks, Doug.
    Needed this much.

    Posted by ted & linda pampeyan | 11 February 2014, 08:44
  2. Thank you a lot. God is using you in a very special way. Let’s continue spreading his kingdom together. Thaddee

    Posted by Thaddee Habarurema | 23 February 2014, 22:58

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