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Thoughtfulness #7 — Insightful Consideration

Consider what I say, for the Lord will give you understanding in everything. 2 Timothy 2:7

God’s hope for Bible readers: If we exert ourselves to think carefully about what he has said, he will bless us with insight; we will be able to view reality the same way God’s prophet saw it. God is not a god of confusion. He does not speak to us in order to keep us in the dark. He wants us to walk in the light as he is in the light — to see the panorama of our existence. So we can presuppose that his communication will be understandable. Yet we cannot presume we will be able to achieve understanding without effort. God doesn’t short circuit the means he has established to achieve the ends he desires. If we learn the ins and outs of grammar and syntax, God will honor our efforts. If we master the nuances of our vocabulary, God will reward our endeavors. If we discipline ourselves to spend time pondering what he says, our investment will pay great dividends. If we come humbly — willing to see things from God’s perspective — to have our ideas changed, and to be transformed by the truth we encounter, he promises we will go away with new minds, satisfied hearts, and growing discernment.

Eternal Word, speak to my heart as I engage your written word. Keep me from twisting it to suit my view of reality. And grant me an appreciation for your wonderful truth. Amen.


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