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Comfort #5 — Comforting Words

Remember the word to your servant, in which you made me hope. This is my comfort in my affliction, that your word has preserved me. … I have remembered your rules of old, O Eternal, and they comfort me. Psalm 119:49–52

No matter what anyone says, or how painful the accusation, or untrue the charge, we can be comfortable. When arrogant, ungodly people may utterly deride us, we can remain true to God’s commands, because God’s commands have proved reliable to us. When we are under personal attack, placating the attacker, even if it means disobeying God’s rules for life, might seem appealing. But when we pause to remember how reliable his promises and commands have been in making our lives truly happy, we can relax and watch hopefully for how beneficial they will continue to be, even in the midst of adversity. The Lord’s commands comfort not only because they serve us well in the real world, but also because they keep us connected to God. For example, he says: If you will obey my voice, then you shall be my … holy nation,” So if we thrill at the prospect of being sacred to God, then remembering his commands will give us comfort in every interpersonal storm; for aligning ourselves with them will anchor us to the one who loves us most.

Lord Jesus, you promised me that if I love you I will keep your commands. Help me to remember how gloriously good you are, so my love for you will overcome my fear of my adversaries. Amen.


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